Cardio Oncology

Juan Carlos Plana, Teresa López Fernández, José Juan Gómez de Diego, y Miguel Ángel García Fernández

Publicación: 2015

Nº de páginas: 436

ISBN: 978-84-16403-59-2

Descripción: Recent advances in early detection and cancer therapeutics have revolutionized the field of Oncology. Cancer is no longer a death sentence. It is a disease that can be cured, or in many instances converted into a chronic condition. The end result is a new cohort of patients with sufficient survival to develop the cardiovascular complications of their cancer treatment.

These cardiovascular complications are of paramount importance, as they represent the number one cause of death for the cancer survivor, and they need a multidisciplinary approach. Cardiologists should be essential members of these multi-disciplinary teams, assisting them to provide coordinated and cost-effective cardiovascular monitoring before, during and after cancer treatment. The ultimate goal is the selection of the oncologic regimen that would achieve the highest possible rate of cure or remission, with the lowest possible rate of treatment withdrawals and cardiovascular side effects.

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